Zlatko Vujin Awarded “Dobrila Pejovic”


Zlatko Vujin, born in 1962 in Zemun. Married, father of two.
He graduated from the Secondary Medical School in 1980 in Zemun, after which in 1989 he graduated from the Higher Medical School, also in Zemun. He graduated from the vocational college in 2013 and immediately afterwards with the Specialist vocational studies in Nursing in Psychiatry.
He started his professional career at the Institute of Mental Health 35 years ago (1982), under the watchful eye and mentorship of the then head nurse of the Institute of Mental Health, Dusanka Krajcinovic. He first worked at the Clinical Department for Psychotic Disorders until 1984, when he transferred to the Department of Specialty Consultative Reviews of the Adult Clinic, where he has been working today as Chief Technician, since 1995. He has also served as Deputy Chief Sister of the Institute of Mental Health for many years.
From the beginning of his career, he has shown an interest in acquiring new knowledge and skills and improving his work and communication with patients on a daily basis, as evidenced by the numerous trainings he has attended at and outside the Institute of Mental Health. He attended the education of the big names of Serbian psychiatry – Dr. Tomislav Sedmak, Dr. Marklena Milojković, Dr. Tanja Đukić (formal education).
She was involved in the program of education of nurses and technicians of the Institute of Mental Health as a lecturer and supervisor back in 2005. This desire for knowledge and learning is still present today. It transfers its acquired knowledge and experience to the younger generations of nurses and technicians.
Until now, he has had numerous presentations and lectures at congresses and professional meetings of nurses and technicians in Serbia. He is involved in following the latest trends in the nursing profession, and also transfers his experiences to students of the College of Vocational Studies, as an on-call lecturer.
In business dedicated, professional, with great understanding and respect for all team members, as well as working with patients. Always at the height of the task, and in the most complicated cases, when it is important for all team members to work together for the benefit of the patient, when the team is connected and supported by young colleagues. Through his commitment, he nurtures and develops a positive atmosphere in the team and takes care of the reputation of the profession, despite the day-to-day difficulties faced by both employees and patients, without letting it interfere with any conscientious and responsible job performance. his constant social engagement.
The president of the Society of Psychiatric Nurses and Technicians was from 2000 to 2012, when he succeeded in connecting all nurses employed at psychiatric wards and clinics throughout Serbia, always bringing quality exchanges of experience and finding solutions to improve the quality of nursing work in this field of health care. He remains very active in the Society of Psychiatric Nurses as a member of the Supervisory Board and a member of the Education Team.
Recognized as a man of the profession, from 2009-2013. was a member of the Republican Commission for Health Care of the Republic of Serbia.
Yet the most important thing we have been taught is the nurturing of family values. The cheerfulness with which he talks about his wife Ljilja, daughter Sanja and son Ivan left us no room to suspect that the most important thing in life is family. He devoted all his free time to his family in his Zemun and on his Danube, which often takes him to Stari Banovci where he also likes to rest and devote himself to painting, as his great hidden talent.
We look forward to the award he has received because we believe that he has truly earned it through his work, effort and love for the profession.