Training nurses and technicians to work in mental health services

“Wisdom begins with the desire for knowledge” Ibn Gabirol
On October 2, 2019, the Institute for Mental Health started training for nurses and technicians, with a lecture delivered by Zlatko Vujin, a specialist in health care in psychiatry, on “Establishing cooperation with a non-cooperative patient”.
The aim of the education is to broaden and acquire knowledge in the field of psychiatry and nursing care in psychiatry, which will enable better understanding of patients’ needs, more adequate assistance to patients, as well as better work within a multidisciplinary team, as a way of working in modern psychiatric institutions, where nurses an indispensable factor. Also, the goal of education is the personal and professional development of nurses and technicians.
It is designed to encompass psychological development from an early age, as well as to cover the wide variety of psychopathology that nurses encounter in their daily work. It will consist of several segments according to age and pathology to:
– theoretical part – the lecture will be delivered by a doctor
– psychiatric patient care – the lecture will be delivered by the head nurse or an experienced nurse
– experiential groups – the trainee is to present the patient (experiential groups, where new clinical experiences will be gained through the exchange of experience).
During the course of education, special attention will be paid to the sensitive population of patients – children, adolescents, pregnant women, the elderly. The topics of modern diagnostics and therapeutic procedures will also be covered.
The training is intended for nurses and technicians with work experience of 5 years or less, as well as for all those who are eager to gain new knowledge and experience for the best possible teamwork at the Institute for Mental Health.
The process of education accreditation is ongoing.