Institute of Mental Health provides the following services:

Outpatient care and monitoring, involving the following sections and services:
• Ambulatory examinations and monitoring include providing information to patients on their condition, supportive therapy and pharmacotherapy;
• Section for Marriage and Family Therapy includes marriage, family and partner therapy, as well as advisory and psycho-educational work with families and parents;
• Psychotherapy Unit provides family, psychoanalytic, REBT and Jungian analytic therapy, family therapy;
• Section for Perinatal and Reproductive Psychotherapy provides diagnostic and treatment services, psychopharmacotherapy, as well as advisory and psycho-educational work with pregnant women and their family members;
• Group activities conducted once a week: club of treated alcoholics, club for the elderly “Third Age”; socio-rehabilitation club for treated chronic psychoses; group of parents with mentally ill family member; analytic psychotherapy groups (three groups);

• Medical Genetics Section;
• Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology Section.

Hospitalization – in case the outpatient doctor establishes that there is a need for a more intensive treatment and if the patient agrees to receive treatment at the hospital. Everyday group and work therapy is included, as well as more intensive individual work and other activities, depending on the department. The departments at the Institute are:
• Department for Psychotic Disorders;
• Department for Crisis Situations and Affective Disorders;
• Addiction Treatment Department;
• Clinical Department for Children and Adolescents.

Day care allows patients to spend most of their time in their own social environment. Day care lasts from 8:30 to 14:00h, Monday to Friday, except at the Day Hospital for Adolescents, where the stay ends at 16:30h. In hospital departments and day hospitals, everyday group and work therapy is carried out, as well as a more intensive individual work and other activities, depending on the department. All day hospitals are located at 2 Milana Kašanina  St. with the exception of Day Hospital for Addiction Treatment at 2 Paunova St.
• Day Hospital for Affective Disorders;
• Day Hospital for Neurotic and Personality Disorders;
• Day Hospital for Psychotic Disorders;
• Day Hospital for Adolescents (15 to 24 years of age) with the Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations and the Counseling Unit for Parents;
• Day Hospital for Children;
• Day Hospital for Addiction Treatment;
• Day Hospital for Addiction Treatment at 2 Paunova St.;
• Day Hospital for Adolescent Addiction Treatment at 2 Paunova St.

More detailed information about the services, staff, etc. by individual sections and departments are available at Organizational Units.
3 Milana Kašanina ., Belgrade (Stari Grad)
corner with Despot Stefan Boulevard (old name 29th November St.)
2 Paunova St., Belgrade (Voždovac, Banjica)
** maps of both locations at the bottom of the page

Working hours
Outpatient clinics: 8 to 20h
Day hospitals: 8 to 15h

Public transport
3 Milana Kašanina St.: 16, 95, 79 (bus); 2, 5, 10 (streetcar)
2 Paunova St.: 47, 48 (bus); 9, 10, 14 (streetcar), 40, 41 (trolleybus)
More information on public transport available at
3 Milana Kašanina St.

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2 Paunova St.

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