Merry Gospel Choir, the first gospel choir in our region, performed  on 22th january 2020. as a part of our WEDNESDAY CULTURE CLUB.

Merry Gospel Choir is the first gospel choir in Serbia. It was founded in 2001. and the conductor was Marija Kuburić Borović. Since its beginning the repertoirre was based on spiritual and gospel music author songs of young composers and singers from the genre. Choir has forty active members, and original members were singers who appreciated gospel from around the wolrd – England, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Macedonia, Croatia and various parts of Serbia. Merry Gospel Choir performs with a band of professional musicians playing piano, organs, guitar, double bass and drum.

During 19 years, Merry Gospel Choir has performed on numerous festivals of spiritual music in Serbia and abroad, among which are Sombor music festival, multiple all night concerts in Kolarac, Osor music festival in Coratia, choir festival Slobodan Bursać in Zrenjanin and solo concerts across Serbia. Beside that, the choir took part in theater, charity events, as guests on albums of esteemed musicians, exhibitions, interdisciplinary projects and cooperation with Museum of Belgrade, Music Youth of Belgrade, Radio Belgrade and RTS. This unique choir has issued three DVDs of their performances in Kolarac, and an audio CD.

Marija Kuburić Bojović, the founder and conductor of the choir, graduated from Music high school „Josip Slavenski“ in Belgrade, where she studied piano as a student of prof Marta Šurev. Afterwards, she grduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where she studied organs as a student of prof Andrija Galun. She finished her master thesis at Faculty of Philosophy Belgrade, Sociology, in year 2010. She attended many courses in schools in Serbia and abroad. She is a regular participant of Belgrade Organ Festival. She is the founder and the director of group of citizens M-ART from Belgrade since 2006. She is currently a profesoor of piano, comparative piano and corepetition in Music high school „Josif Marinković“ in Vršac.