Updated: 7.5.2013

As part of Wednesdays Culture Circle flamenco group „Nuestra Luz“ will visit the IMH on the 8th of May at 18:00 h on the IVth floor in the «red» auditorium.
The dance group has learned their first steps from Marina Tomaš, Marija Stublinčević and Ojdana Radović. They have perfected their technique at several prestigious dance schools in Spain. Their growth as a group was made possible by many seminars held by domestic and foreign flamenco greats such as Francesca Grimma, Marian Dominguez i Violeta Ruiz. Flamenco group „Nuestra Luz“ has much experience performing. Some of the most notable performances are: First flamenco festival in the region „Verde que te quiero verde“, Flamenko concert at the Bitef theatre, Days of Spain at New Belgrade at the NBKM under the patronage of the „Cervantes Institute“ and Evening of Spain at the National Museum in Kragujevac.
During their performance they will perform traditional dances Sevillanas bonitas and Solea por bulerias as well as modern dances Tangos de triana, Farruca, Rumba gitanita and Martinete. Members of the flamenco group are Nikolina Šašić, Jovana Džopalić, Tamara Kočević, Irena Uzelac, Tijana Rudić, Aleksandra Vulanović and Divna Miljković.

You can find out more about the WCC and this years program at the link here.