This month Wednesday Culture Club (WCC) will be hosting Sensartika, the famous Belgrade musical trio. The concert will take a place on June 14th, at six o’clock in the afternoon, in the gala “Red” auditorium, on the 4th floor.
We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy in the concert.
Sensartika trio is the continuation of the former eponymous quartet, which was formed in 2012 in Belgrade. Members of the group have been mostly performed as multiinstrumentalist, a common characteristic of the trio consisting of: Sonja Kalajić (violin, saw, castanets, mandolin), Darko Armenski (clarinet, saxophone, caval, bagpipes etc.), and Miloš Marić (guitar).
So far, Sensartika held over a hundred performances throughout Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary, Romania and Austria. During quartet set recorded two albums in the series Music Center Kolarac ( “How to listen to a concert – history from the Middle Ages to the boogie woogie” in 2013 and “How to listen to a concert – Bal of the romantic world,” 2015), and a track within CD compilation list of “Musica Clasica” (Belgrade, 2014). Sensartika quartet holds a dominant position on the album “Saw Friendly” (Metropolis Records, 2015), which represents the first CD with a carpenter’s saw as a solo instrument in the Balkans. They made a 8 spots for Radio-Television Serbia 3, within the educational series for young people and the video for the song “Far Away” produced by the Historical Museum of Serbia and the production company “Unicorn”.
This year, Trio Sensartika at the repertoire has programs Fauna Sacra and Mediterraneo. The performance of the trio in the “cultural circle Wednesdays” will comprise a selection of both programs.
Outpatients are required to leave their health card at the counter and to specify that they are going to the Wednesday Culture Club.
More about the WCC and this year’s program can be viewed at the link here.