As a part of our Wednesday Culture Club (WCC), a concert of the cabaret performance „Humped thong show“ will be held on the 11th of June at 18h on the 4th floor in the gala “red” auditorium. We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy the performance.

„Humped thong show“ is an association of artists dedicated to the conceptual comedy, resulting in Belgrade in 2011.

The basic idea on which this form is based on is a combination of several traditional forms of comedy such as Stand Up, humorous song, physical comedy, improvisation, slam-poetry and sketches. Performance of “Humped thong shoe” looks like a program in which the mentioned forms interchange with desirable audience involvement.

Permanent members of these settings are Miodrag Stosic (stand up, vocals), Nenad Jovanovic (vocals, guitar, piano), Jovan Maric (vocals, guitar , tambourine), Milan Beader (electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals).

Of the numerous cabaret performances in Belgrade the ones that standout are in “Artist Association of Serbia” and Cultural Center “Student City”. They have performed in Paracin Becej, Ruma, Sopot and Novi Sad. Also, cabaret held charity program for the organization of children with special needs, “Our children”.

You can find out more about the WCC and this year program at this link.