On the 10th of December, as part of the Wednesdays’ cultural circle (WCC), Acamdemician Vladeta Jerotic will be a guest of the Institute at the gala «red» auditorium on the fourth floor at 18h.
We invite all of our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and talk to our esteemed guest.
Academician Vladeta Jerotic, physitian, psychiatrist and writer, was born in Belgrade in 1924. He specialized in neuropsychiatry. He has additionally studied psychiatry and psychotherapy in Schwitzerland, Germany and France. He was the head of the Psychotherapy ward at the „Dr Dragisa Misovic“ hospital for several decades. Since 1985 he is a visiting professor at the School of Theology teaching Pastoral spsychology.
Academician V. Jerotic has many publications spanning in subjects from analytic psychology, religion, psychotherapy, philosophy and psychiatry. He is one of the founders of the Orthodox Pastoral Advice Center and has held lectures in psychiatry, religion and literature in Serbia and abroad for decades.
Od 1984. godine Academician Vladeta Jerotic is a member of the Association of writers of Serbia since 1984, and is a member of the Academy of Medicine and the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Outpatients are required to leave their health card at the counter and to specify that they are going to the Wednesday Culture Club.
More about the WCC and this year’s program can be viewed at the link here.