As a part of our Wednesday Culture Club (WCC) an inclusive theater performance based on Chekhovs “The Cherry Orchard” will be held on the 18th of December at 18h on the 4th floor in the gala “red” auditorium. We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy the performance
“After the third viewing” is a project by the society of consumers of psychiatric care “Soul” (Belgrade, Serbia) and the society Compagnie Arti-Zanat’ (Paris, France). Together they organized several inclusive theatrical workshops. The theme of Chehovs “Vishnjika” will be used to introduce us to their first contact with theater and how they have come to love it.
The society Compagnie Arti-Zanat’ operates in France and Serbia and was formed by actor Richard Grolleau and manager in culture Jana Diklić, with the goal of sharing artistic practices with marginalized groups that have a hard time gaining access to artistic groups and do not have an opportunity to show off and practice their artistic soul. Richard Grolleau is a French author, actor and host of art support workshops as well as co-founder of the society Compagnie Arti-Zanat’. He went to school of acting Pierre Debauche in Paris and the school for art therapy INECAT in Paris. He leads workshops of art support with vulnerable populations in France and Serbia.
The society “Soul” gathers persons with psychiatric disorders, their family members and all individuals interested in mental health. The society has the goal of raising the quality of care, quality of life and the overall status of users of psychiatric care.

Outpatients are required to leave their health card at the counter and to specify that they are going to the Wednesday Culture Club. 
You can find out more about the WCC and this years program at this link.