In this month Wednesdays’ cultural circle (12th December at 18h) players of Bitef
Theater will perfom on the fourth floor in the festive “red” room. We invite our ambulant
and hospitalized patients and staff of the Institute, to come and enjoy in performans of
parts of plays: Smells of cinnamon, Sonnets and Alpha Boys. Alpha Boys tells the story
of a band of 7 men, as they hang around in a bar and dream of their breakthrough. Until
that day arrives, this band of anti-heroes is dealing with the ‘joy’ of maturing, and waking
up from their ‘college dreams’. Smells of cinnamon is a dance performance inspired by
Solomon’s Song of Songs, poetic and intriguing poem from the Bible that provides an
unlimited number of associations and the scope for interpretation.

More about the WCC and this year’s program can be viewed at the link here.