This month Wednesday Culture Club (WCC) will be hosting Miloš Nikolić and his students from the Department of Serbian traditional singing and playing , the music school „Mokranjac“. The concert will take place on November 8th, at six o’clock in the afternoon, in the gala “Red” auditorium, on the 4th floor.
We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy in the concert.
Miloš Nikolić, Doctor of Musical Arts, multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of musical interests and competencies, beside clarinet, plays on traditional instruments kaval, bagpipes and flutes, with which primarily acts as the source player, but also in the context of different genres of popular music, with intent thereby to promote these instruments to a wider audience.
He has performed with musicians of different profiles, recorded music from films and radio dramas, member of several ensembles, „Trio Ved“ (kaval, ut and zarb) which deals with the Balkan and oriental music and „Trio Pokret“ (clarinet, violin and piano) taking the achievements of contemporary Serbian composers.
In the framework of the “Wednesdays’ cultural circle” Miloš Nikolić has chosen to perform with his students Department of Serbian traditional singing and playing the music school “Mokranjac”. The establishment of this section, twenty years ago, the first time in the history of Serbian education, Traditional Singing and playing becomes part of the organized educational process. Numerous concerts of students and professors in the country (BEMUS) and abroad (Japan, France, Cyprus, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Russia ) confirmed and further promote this Department. Operation of students and teachers on the cultural scene in Serbia promotes Serbian traditional music, keeping her place in the oeuvre of artistic creation of our country.
Outpatients are required to leave their health card at the counter and to specify that they are going to the Wednesday Culture Club.
More about the WCC and this year’s program can be viewed at the link here.