As a part of our Wednesday Culture Club (WCC) concert of the choir “Lučinuška” from Faculty of Philology will be held on 9th of May at 18h on the 4th floor in the gala “red” auditorium.

We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy the choir performance.

Choir “Lučinuška” was founded four decades ago by Professor Andrej Tarasjev, and the first members were students of the Department of Slavic Languages, Faculty of Philology. The repertoire consisted of Slavic people songs, especially Russian songs. Eventually students from other faculties joined to choir “Lučinuška”. Thus, the choir has grown, but continued to nurture the musical heritage of the Slavic people.

Choir was awarded with plaques, diplomas, medals and prizes, given by the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, numerous Serbian and Russian associations, Russian House in Belgrade, Saint Sava Cossack station in Belgrade and others. Choir is a part of society for the preservation of the memory on Russians in Serbia.
Choir “Lučinuška” performed in Moscow, St. Petesburg, Zagreb, Osijek, Novi Sad, Milanovac and many other cities in Serbia.

During the performance at the Institute of Mental Health, choir will be conducted by Professor Andrej Tarasjev.

You can find out more about the WCC and this year program at this link.