Young doctors’ “Journal club”

As a part of the training for young doctors at the Institute of Mental Health, the so-called “Journal Club”, dedicated to science and research, was initiated in July 2009. Every last Friday of the month, one of the young residents or clinicians from our institution gives a lecture at the fifth floor lecture hall, presenting reviews of the latest and most intriguing scientific articles on the given topic.

Activities of the Club are coordinated by Prof. Dr Dušica Lečić-Toševski, whose advice, examples and questions encourage thinking and debates that develop creativity and individuality of the members, as well as enhance the cohesion of the young team.

The meetings are important for many reasons: young doctors learn how to filter the most significant results and ideas from scientific journals, analyze various ethical and professional issues and dilemmas as a team, learn the form of presentation and writing, as well as discussing various theories and hypotheses, and improve their knowledge of modern psychiatry.

Some of the meetings held so far:

• Dr Danilo Pešić
Early onset psychoses /20.07.2009/

• Dr Dragana Jančić
Schizophrenia – study of perceptual delusions /02.10.2009/

• Dr Milutin Kostić
Aetiology of depression /06.11.2009/

• Dr Vanja Mandić-Maravić
Quantitative genetics and complex genetic disorders in psychiatry /25.12.2009/

• Dr Marija Mitković
Childhood abuse and personality disorders /22.02.2010/

• Ivana Peruničić, Psychologist
Obedience and submission to authority /26.03.2010/

• Dr Aleksandar Repac
Neuropsychoanalysis /07.05.2010/

• Dr Dejan Todorović
The role of cannabis abuse in the aetiopathogenesis of psychoses /28.05.2010/

• Dr Nikola Jovanović
Suicidology /29.10.2010/

• Dr Ana Munjiza
Psychiatric and somatic comorbidities /24.12.2010/