Lessons of the Institute of Mental Health

Lessons – Spring semester 2012

February 24th 2012
Research on early onset psychoses – Report from a study visit to the Maudsley Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Dr Milutin Kostić

March 09th 2012
Day Hospital for Adolescent Addiction Treatment – Case presentation

March 23rd 2012
“Art and Psyche” – Ellen Handler Spitz
Book review – Prof. Aleksandar Dimitrijević and the author

April 06th 2012
Creative work and gender
Academician Vladeta Jerotić

May 11th 2012
VI Meeting of European Family Therapy Association – Training Institute Chamber (EFTA-TIC) “Tools for effective training, therapy and research” – report
Dr Sanja Nikolić, Desanka Nagulić, psychologist

May 25th 2012
Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
Prof. Dr Dragoslav Sokić, Neurology Clinic, Clinical Center of Serbia (KCS), Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

June 15th 2012
Apocalypse Now: a Psychology of Conception in Lorenco Lotto`s “Annunciation”
Dr Irene Cioffi Whitfield, London, UK, private practice

Head of Educational Activities Unit
Assist. Prof. Dr Saveta Draganić-Gajić