The oldest club of treated alcoholics in the Balkans

Sociotherapeutic club of treated alcoholics – “STKLA Palmotićeva” celebrates 54 years of successful work with a solemn annual assembly on Saturday, 20.05.2017.

At the initiative of Prof. Dr Dušan Petrović, and with extraordinary enthusiasm of the first therapists Jovica Potrebić, on March 16th 1963, the Institute for Mental Health started with the first club of treated alcoholics in Yugoslavia and the Balkans. It is based on the principles of self-help and mutual help, with the support of professional therapists. In the club are involved alcoholics and their family members. Sociotherapeutic club represents the extension of the treatment in the context of systemic family therapy, aimed to adopting healthier behavior patterns, improving family functioning and contributing to the complete social and professional rehabilitation. Over time, the club has grown into the best organized and leading institution of its kind in Southeast Europe.

Assembly will be held at the Institute of Mental Health – Palmotićeva 37, in the Daily Hospital for Addiction “Prim. Dr. Zoran Stanković “, starting at 11am.