Updated 18.01.2018.


For years, the Institute has participated in scientific research projects involving a high level of international cooperation with globally renowned research institutions, in the role of project leader or associate.

1. Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, project no. ON175013, project manager: Prof. Dr Dušica Lečić Toševski, project title: Temperament and structure of personality disorder, 2011-2014

2. FP7 European Commission Project, project no. Health-2007-2.2.1-10, project coordinator: deCode genetics, Iceland, Dr. Hren Stefansson, project manager at the Institute: Assist. Dr Milica Pejović Milovančević, project title: “Copy number variations conferring risk of psychiatric disorders in children” 2009-2012

3. Doc. Dr Olivera Vuković – Acute coronary syndrome: investigation of vulnerability (plaque, blood and myocardium), optimal treatment and prognostic factors determination, Br 41022 Project leader: Academician Prof. dr Miodrag Ostojić, 2010-
4. Strengthening the capacity of pediatric health care to support the development of children in early childhood “, Partners: Institute for Health Care of Mother and Child Serbia” Dr Vukan Čupić “, Institute for Mental Health, Association for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry and related professions (DEAPS), Health centers (10), Support: Ministry of Health of RS and UNICEF, 2014-
5. An international WHO-sponsored study organized by the European Association of Headache-Child and Adolescent Migraine-Global Effects of Disease, Principal Researcher prof. Cicek Wöber, Faculty of Medicine in Vienna, for IMH Dr Mirjana Jovanović , 2014-
6. Comorbidity of depression and diabetes – international investigation of clinical manifestations and clinical pathways – year of 2017. , multicentric, international study, research manager: Academician Dušica Lečić-Toševski, research co-manager: Academician Nebojša Lalić, researchers in IMH: Doc. Dr Olivera Vuković, Dr Nikola Jovanović, participants in research: doctorands and clinical doctors from Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade and Endocrinology Clinic, Clinical center of Serbia, international study title: The INTERPRET-DD study of diabetes and depression: improved clinical pathways for better outcomes (2013-2017)