The Third Age Unit, as a part of the Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations of the IMH Adult Clinic, was established in April 2007 with an aim to provide comprehensive psychiatric help and treatment to persons over the age of 65, as well as to all those who want to alleviate the inevitable psychological processes in the last several decades of life.

There is no person who hasn’t gone through the phases of grief after parting with or losing someone, who hasn’t felt fear for a reason (or sometimes without it), who hasn’t occasionally forgotten a significant date, event or appointment… There is no person who falls asleep easily every night, sleeps well and wakes up rested… Sometimes we are lonely, more or less, and sometimes that feeling is too strong… We are all aware of this sometimes, but sometimes we are not.

If you or people in your immediate surroundings should notice any of these situations and conditions… talk to us. You are not alone. We have a solution because we have the knowledge, expertise and experience of present and past generations…


Activities of the Third Age Unit are based on the concept of team work of experts in various fields focusing on prevention, on mental health care and promotion for those who want to, as well as on detection and elimination of risk to the extent allowed by modern science.

Therapeutic activity involves treatment for psychiatric disorders in outpatient conditions. The treatment consists of medications, support, behavioral modification, and individual or group work, with the inclusion of family members.

Club activities once a week provide consultations for all those who want to learn more and understand the problems that the third age population is facing. All interested clients and beneficiaries will be offered socio-therapy through socializing, relaxation, creative manual activities and mental activity. Staff of the Unit is trained to help all those who want to dedicate more of their time to care for the elderly.

Mondays and Wednesdays: 8-15h

1. Because you exist
2. Because we are here for you
3. Because you are not alone
4. Because we have a solution
5. Because we can find at least two ways out of every situation
6. Because there is no shame in having a problem
7. Because you need to get out of the house
8. Because conversation is healing
9. Because we know how to turn grey into gold
10. Because everything is easier with a smile

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