Activities of the Wednesdays’ Club
Members of the Club meet on Wednesdays. At the meetings, lectures are organized, where you can find out:
– more about your condition
– more about the medications you take
– exchange experiences with others
– make arrangements for joint activities
– socialize and have fun

Club meetings take place
Every Wednesday from 15 to 17h

What is the role of the Club?
The Club is dedicated to rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic psychiatric disorders.
The Club provides patients with an opportunity to spend at least a part of their day in a socio-therapeutic environment. Their aim is to make them feel that they are not alone, that they can spend time with a group of people affected by the same disorders and dealing with similar problems as themselves.

Painting workshops
Painting workshops are organized once a month as a part of the Wednesdays’ Club. The workshops are aimed at providing psychosocial support: by stimulating initiative, perception, imagination and freedom of expression, reducing passivity, strengthening motivation, improving the structuring of time and contacts between the participants, that is, socializing along with working. The workshop is led by Dr Bogdanka Čabak, general practitioner and painter.

How to get to the Club
With cooperation and agreement from the Institute’s medical staff. Members of the Club are patients of the Institute and members of their families.

The Club is led by
Marina Paunović, M.Sc. Social Work, Psychotherapist
Verica Milošev, Senior Nurse
Lecturers – medical staff of the Institute of Mental Health
Prim Dr Bogdanka Čabak, General Practitioner


The Congress featured an exhibition of artwork by patients of the Institute of Mental Health, Psychiatric Clinic Belgrade and Special Psychiatric Hospital “Dr Slavoljub Bakalović” in Vršac. The exhibition was organized by Prim. Dr Bogdanka Čabak and Assist. Prof. Dr Srđan Milovanović.

Artistic expression of persons with mental disorders has always had a special place and captured the attention of the public. It is widely accepted that the artistic expression of mental patients depends on the type and intensity of the disorder, and of its evolution. Artistic expression of the mentally ill possesses a unique expressive quality. Drawings made by psychiatric patients can be used in the diagnostic process, based on a thorough knowledge of the essence of artistic expression. In the analysis of the artistic material for diagnostic purposes, individual approach is used. Art is the traditional characteristic of every society; painting is as old as humanity itself and throughout the history it has symbolized both psychological and cultural aspects of human development. Art simultaneously reflects and predicts the trends within a society and has always been used a means of personal expression and manifestation of creative ideas.

Brochure – Wednesdays’ Club

Report on the humanitarian sale exhibition “Our small contribution to a great value”

The exhibition took place at the Delta City Shopping Center on May 26th 2012. The aim of the exhibition is to present the artwork of patients of the Institute of Mental Health, Praise to Hand Association, Panda Association, Association of Physically Disabled Persons Living in Care Facilities, Association for Group Education and Support, IDE Association and Talos Association, and to make us all understand that even a small contribution has a great value for these persons, as by buying their artifacts we are helping them raise funds for the purchase of materials necessary for the realization of the work therapy, and also strengthening their motivation to continue the socialization process, to get better and to feel like a part of the society. Owing to the sponsors of the exhibition, Orient Emporium and Delta City, and its successful realization, there is a possibility that the exhibition of patients’ artwork will be organized again.