The “Passage” Club for adolescents is open every first Wednesday of the month from 17 to 20h and it is intended for patients who have undergone hospital treatment at the Day Hospital for Adolescents.

The Club operates by the principles of socio-therapeutic groups, using partly the technique of group analysis focusing on relational disorders, and partly the technique of expressive therapy, in order to achieve stable remission and prevent relapse in adolescents and young people with mental disorders.

The Club is led by a psychiatrist – psychotherapist and a medical nurse, while patients are directly included in the realization of creative activities. As a result, exhibitions of photographs are organized frequently, members read their own poetry and prose, exchange experiences from applying for scholarships and travelling, and present essay reports from their travels. Activities of the Passage Club led to the creation of the audio play “Podstanari-Unterwohner”. Through a trilingual play on words and sounds, the adolescents depicted their search for identity, led by splitting and projective identification. The proof of successful integration is the life of this audio drama which, after its premiere performance at the Passage, was presented in the form of audio installation under the title “Audio postcard from Belgrade” in the Munich gallery Lothringer 13/laden, as a part of the exhibition EXIT (Ausgang). An article about this event was published in Književni list no. 95/96 with the title “We understand each other (…when we want to).”

As a part of the Passage Club, peer-to-peer self-help groups are occasionally formed, taking active part in the fight for human rights, prevention of suicide among young people, and destigmatizing mental disorders.