The socio-therapeutic Club of Treated Alcoholics at the Institute of Mental Health was founded on March 16th 1963. It is the oldest, best organized and leading CTA club in Serbia. It represents an aspect of extended therapy based on the principle of self-help.

At the Club, recovering alcoholics are learning and adopting healthy behavioral patterns in all spheres of social relations. The Club is unique by the fact that its members are the ones who design, plan and realize all activities they participate in, with the help of therapists who attend all Club meetings.

The Club meets regularly every Thursday from 16 to 20:30h at the Day Hospital of the Addiction Treatment Clinic. Every Club meeting is attended by around one hundred members on average, and a third of them have been active members for more than five years.


Activities of the Club can be divided into activities taking place on and outside of the Club premises. Central event every Thursday is the topic addressed from 18 to 19h. The topics are diverse:
– didactic lectures by therapists
– lectures by club members
– panel discussions on alcoholism treatment
– entertainment topics
– topics selected by members
– topics selected by guests – members of other clubs of treated alcoholics

Significant part of the members’ activities is realized on other days as well, outside the Club premises.
Due to a large number of members, activities of the Club are realized through sections.

Cultural-information section
Organizes visits to theaters, museums and other cultural institutions, edits and organizes the publishing of the Club journal “Osvit” [“Dawn”].

Section for inter-club cooperation
Establishes cooperation with other clubs through visits to assemblies, mutual work visits, participation in panel discussions.

Sports section
Its activities include chess, table tennis and swimming.

Hiking section
Organizes field trips and outdoor social events.

Housekeepers section
Looks after maintenance of the Club’s premises, keeps record of attendance and runs the kitchenette.

New members welcome section
The main aim of this section is for older, well educated and therapeutically stable members to help younger members overcome their resistance to treatment by using their own experiences.

Section for primary female patients and collaborators
Helps younger female patients and therapy collaborators, organizes literary evenings, music quizzes and visits to classical music concerts.

Therapy collaborators and other family members take part in all activities of the sections.
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