Institute of Mental Health, as a teaching basis for the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Political Sciences and the School of Applied Health Sciences, conducts scientific and research activities, takes part in the study program and training courses intended for professional staff of the Institute and other institutions, in accordance with obligations of the Institute as a state-level referent methodological institution for mental health promotion, and the promotion of professional activities in general. The Institute collaborates with other allied institutions around the world and participates in multicentric international studies.

The task of this organizational unit is to draft, implement and conduct scientific research projects, funded locally or from abroad, and to realize projects of the World Health Organization (WHO), which after years of collaboration designated the Institute as a WHO Collaborating center..

As a teaching basis for a number of educational institutions, the Institute has important tasks and achieved results in the field of advanced training for health care workers and associates. As a part of this organizational unit, publishing activity is realized as well (journal “Psychiatry Today”, “Bulletin of the IMH”, monographs and books, translations of professional literature). Also a part of the Service is a well-equipped library, which provides an opportunity to Institute employees and outside associates to keep up with the latest achievements in the area of psychiatry and allied disciplines.

In the widest sense, employees of the Service are engaged in training and research, statistical processing of research results, and creation and maintenance of databases for the needs of this organizational unit. Duties of the employees also include continuous education and advanced professional training.

Head of Service: Prof. dr Nadja Marić Bojović
Service Administrator: Ivana Gavrilović,, tel. 3307562

Educational Activities Unit

Head of Unit: Doc. dr Bojana Pejušković,
Unit Administrator: Jelena Mirić Odžić,, tel. 3307565


The Library began its work in 1964 with the holdings of approximately 500 books. Systematic allocation of resources has helped to increase and enrich the professional literature book fund. Today the Library holds more than 6,000 editions, 80 national and international journals of psychiatry, neurosciences and related disciplines. Library functioning has been improved with the creation of an electronic catalogue, which enables quick searches of the library fund by topics, authors, titles and key words, as well as the Internet connection. A specialized library such as this is the only one of its kind in psychiatric institutions in Serbia. The Library has established cooperation with other libraries in the country and abroad, and takes part in the exchange of professional journals.

Librarian: Marko Jakovljević,, tel. 3307535

Publishing activity and international cooperation

The Institute of Mental Health is the publisher of the “Psychiatry Today” journal, as well as numerous monographs, manuals and textbooks. In addition to this, a large number of books published by the World Health Organization have been translated. Since its foundation, the Institute of Mental Health has been working closely with various psychiatric institutions in Belgrade, Serbia and abroad. Special attention is paid to cooperation with schools, centers for social work, health care centers, other social institutions and educational organizations.

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Izdanja Instituta za mentalno zdravlje

Scientific Research and Educational Activities Service “Prof. Dr. Predrag Kaličanin”