Updated 28.11.2017. The activity of the pharmaceutical service and laboratory diagnostics is carried out through the work of the Clinical Studies Unit, pharmaceutical service and Laboratory diagnostic service.
The Clinical Studies Unit is dedicated to treatment, education and research, patient follow-up after discharge, creation and maintenance of organizational units’ databases.
The Pharmaceutical Service is engaged in the supply and distribution of medications within the Institute. The Service is also in charge of consumption analysis based on the principles of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics, presentation of results, and promotion of pharmacotherapy.
The Laboratory Diagnostics Service is equipped with state-of-the-art biochemistry and hematology equipment and other tools and materials necessary for quality laboratory diagnostics. At the Laboratory Diagnostics Service, more than 20 different analyses in the field of medical biochemistry are conducted (urinalysis, urine drug test, hematological analysis, drug concentration, glycemia, urea, creatinine, transaminases, cholesterol and lipid status, etc.). Around 40,000 analyses are conducted every year for approximately 4,000 patients of the Institute of Mental Health.
Quality control is conducted on a daily basis by means of standardized control serum and blood, and two times a year controls are carried out by the Serbian National External Quality Assessment Scheme SNEQAS – Medical Biochemistry, of the Society of Medical Biochemists.
The Service also conducts monitoring of changes of certain laboratory parameters related to consumption of certain medications. The Service maintains quality of its system by observing the principle of user-orientation, focusing on doctors and patients, providing high-quality and timely services, information and professional development, following the development of clinical biochemical diagnostics, introducing the latest and more efficient test methods, providing accurate and timely results. All this is achieved through adequate work organization and technology, efficient flow of biological material, good analytical work and data flow. The system was established through prudent management of resources (personnel, equipment, consumables, good working conditions) and management of the work process (support to defined work technology, introduction of new test methods). All of the above is realized owing to exceptional commitment of all employees at the Laboratory Diagnostics Service, and with the support of the Management of the Institute of Mental Health.
Head of the Service: Clinical Assist. Dr. Čedo Miljević, Psychiatrist, Ph.D., Scientific Associate
Head Nurse of the Service: Ljiljana Luković, Senior Nurse
Clinical Studies Unit – Head of the Unit: Clinical Assist. Dr Čedo Miljević, Ph.D., Psychiatrist, Scientific Associate
Pharmacy: B.Sc. Pharm.: Aleksandra Todorović
Laboratory: Biochemist Associate: Milena Pavičić, M.Sc.