Alcoholics Treatment Club is a socio-therapeutic group for the treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics and their environment (“significant persons”).

The Club’s task is to:

– permanent abstinence, ie prevention of disease recurrence,
-maximum health and social rehabilitation of all members,
-creating new constructive behavior.

At the Club, treated alcoholics learn and adopt healthy behaviors in all spheres of social relationships.
The Sociotherapy Club of Alcoholics Cured by the Institute of Mental Health was established on 16.03.1963. years. It is the oldest, most organized and leading Club in Serbia. It is a form of prolonged self-help based therapy
2013 marks the half-century of the opening of the first Club of Alcoholics in Serbia – PA TO PICTURE A MONOGRAPHY A HEALTHY INCUBATOR
The specificity of the Club is that its members design, plan and implement all the activities in which they participate.
The Club holds regular meetings on Thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm at the premises of the Day Hospital of the Addiction Clinic.,.

Club activities can be divided into activities that take place on and off the club premises.
The central event every Thursday is a theme that takes place between 6pm and 7pm. The contents of the topics are different:
– professional lectures of therapists
– lectures by club members
– discussions on the treatment of alcoholism
– Fun character themes
– topics by the free choice of members
– guest topics – members of other clubs treated by alcoholics
A significant part of the members’ activities is realized on other days outside the Club premises.
Due to the large number of members, the activities of the Club are realized through the work of the sections.

Cultural Information Section

visits to theaters, museums and other cultural sites. It arranges and organizes the publishing of the club newspaper “Osvit”. “Osvit” represents a cross section of activities of the Club members in the past one-year period. is arranged by the Club members with the cooperation and support of the therapist.

Section for Intergroup Cooperation

realizes cooperation with other clubs through visits to assemblies, mutual working visits, participation in the stands. The club pays special attention to cooperation with other KLAs from Belgrade as well as from all over Serbia.

Sports section

Its activities are realized through playing chess, table tennis and swimming. Once a week the sports section for sports and the “Sumice” youth organizes recreational table tennis. Our club organizes both internal and inter-table table tennis tournaments.

Hiking section

Activities of this section are organization of trips and socializing in nature.

Host section

takes care of maintenance of the Club premises, records of arrivals and operation of the coffee kitchen.

New Members Admission Section

The essence of the work of this section is that older, well-educated and therapeutically stable members, help the younger ones to overcome the resistance to healing using their own experiences.
The Club’s work is managed by Club therapists who attend the Club meetings.


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