Within the Third Time Cabinet since 2007, the Third Age Club is active, whose work focuses on the needs of persons over 65 years of age with cognitive impairments or affective disorders, but also for those who want to alleviate the inevitable psychological processes of the last decade of your life.

Club activities, one day a week (Monday 13.00-15.00), provide consultations for all interested people who want to get to know better and understand the problems that the third-generation population encounters. Sociotherapy is enabled through socializing, relaxation, creative manual activity and mental activity.

The staff in the Cabinet is educated to help everyone who wants to engage in care and care for the elderly at any time. Supporting caregivers in recognizing behavioral and psychological symptoms of cognitive-mood disorders is of paramount importance, since timely detection of symptoms results in the introduction of adequate medications to the diseased person, which is largely relieved by the person who is concerned about the sick person.

The goal of the employees is continuous work with interested patients and members of their families in preventing, improving and nurturing mental health and recognizing and eliminating the risk of illness of this vulnerable population of people.

There are many reasons why you should visit us because we are here for you.