Head of Non-Medical Activities Service: Branka Nikolić, dipl. ekonomista

The Non-Medical Activities Service is dedicated to timely and efficient completion of all pre-conditions necessary for timely and correct realization of activities it is in charge of, for the purpose of enabling quality realization of basic activities of the Institute as a whole.

The Service is in charge of legal and general affairs, economic and financial affairs, as well as technical affairs operations carried out at the Institute, through the following organizational units:

Section for Legal and General Affairs, in charge of:
– staying up-to-date with the latest developments in legislation, making sure regulations are implemented in practice;
– providing full and correct normative-legal basis for the activities of the Institute;
– providing planning, execution and monitoring of personnel movement at the level of the Institute;
– ensuring provision of legal and other assistance to activities of management bodies and committees of the Institute;
– ensuring quick, quality and cost-efficient completion of general and technical affairs of the Institute.

Section for Financial Affairs, with the following duties:
– to stay up-to-date with regulations in the area of economics and finances and making sure they are properly implemented in practice;
– to provide accurate and comprehensive records of allocated funds: inflow, spending and data on available investment maintenance funds, funds intended for training courses, funds intended for realization of scientific research and other projects, funds allocated for specific purposes by various donors;
– to make sure that treasury operations are conducted properly;
– to provide property and personal insurance at the Institute;
– to provide accurate and complete statistical and analytical records of services and reports to authorities at different levels;
– to make sure that correct and accurate periodical accounts and reports are submitted to the authorized Public Health Fund;
– to ensure preparation and guarantee accuracy of the financial plan, periodical and final accounts, and to conduct detailed property inventories.

Staff of the Non-Medical Activities Section:

Section for Legal and General Affairs;
Head of Section: Branka Nikolić, dipl. ekonomista

Section for Financial Affairs
Head of Section: Mirjana Lazarević, B.Sc. Econ.