Day Hospital for Adolescents

Day Hospital for Adolescents provides partial hospitalization for adolescents and young people with mental problems and identity formation difficulties, aged 15 to 25. The Day Hospital can accommodate up to 30 adolescents, under supervision of a multidisciplinary team of therapists who design treatment programs for each adolescent individually.

The treatment for adolescents, according to the assessment, includes pharmacotherapy, individual, group, family and “milieu” therapy.

Counseling Unit for Parents and Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations are operating as a part of the Day Hospital for Adolescents, providing first and control examinations as well as (psycho)therapy for outpatients.

Head of Day Hospital for Adolescents:
Dr Zagorka Bradić, Psychiatry Spec., Psychotherapy Subspec.

Head Nurse of the Day Hospital for Adolescents:
Olivera Milošević, Senior Nurse

Contact and information:
Tel. + 381 11 3307-682
Fax. + 381 11 3307-683