Continual medical education: introductory course of child-centered play therapy (CCPT), aimed at children, ended on 13th of this month. Education was conducted under the leadership of Natasa Ljubomirovic, MD. This training represents a new activity within the Clinic for Children and Adolescents at Institute of Mental Health. The total number of participants was 11, and they were coming from Banja Luka, Pristina, Cacak, Vranje and Belgrade. The group was diverse and inspiring, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the theoretical knowledge of CCPT therapy and participate in practical exercises to get better acquainted with the present method of work. Participants expressed their desire to continue educating in this field.

ART AS THERAPY (Work of patients from Clinical Department for Children and Adolescents)

image-a7b68c95492352e5a2e03c281d66fa748ebe76abf2cae97103da3d7f7766a8bf-VOur artistic talent and skills of painting are not important.
We allow our emotions to guide us and thus we enter into a new world of possibilities for the resolution of issues. So, we free internal hidden world using available materials that were looking like unusable, and our hands and fantasy tern them alive. Through the newly created items we see better relations in group and between individuals; we recognize the most delicate feelings and rid ourselves of bad thoughts.
We want you to know that we are always full of new ideas that overlap and change the path to full realization, and thus make us more dedicated in therapy.

Milena Rajkovic, pedagogue, Clinical Department for Children and Adolescents