Third Age Unit

Third Age Unit is an organizational unit of the Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations of the Institute of Mental Health’s Adult Clinic.

It was founded with an aim to provide diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders in patients above 65 years of age and patients in different age groups manifesting cognitive-mnestic disorders. A comprehensive approach to treatment includes both individual supportive work and educational work with family members of these categories of patients, as well as the social rehabilitation treatment conducted at the sociotherapeutic club “Third Age”.

Staff the Third Age Unit includes:
– Dr Ljubica Vidić, Psychiatrist, Head
– Snežana Jeličić, B.Sc. Social Work, Spec.
– Vera Milić, Senior Nurse, Occupational Therapist

Within the framework of the Third Age Unit, the “Third Age” Club has been founded. Intended for patients and staff, the Club is organized on Mondays between 15.00 and 17.00h, for therapeutic activities as a part of the occupational work therapy treatment, resocialization, relaxation, animation, education and counseling work with patients and their family members, as well as all those who would like to be more engaged in the provision of care for the elderly. The Club was founded on April 7th 2008. The number of Club members is relatively constant, and activities of the organizers and members are increasing year after year, gaining support and assistance of various public, cultural and social institutions, in accordance with the needs of the users and at the initiative of active participants.