Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Department
Head of the Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Department:
Clinical Assistant Dr Maja Milosavljevic, PhD, psychiatrist

Perinatal and reproductive psychiatry department’s team is a multidisciplinary, looking after diagnostics, as well as therapeutical, advisory and psycho-educational work with women at both planning pregnancy time and during pregnancy itself, as well as in the course of the first year after the delivery. Treatment envisages medicament therapy, partner, group or individual psychotherapy and consultancy depending on patients’ individual needs. Timely assessment and adequate interventions in working with women suffering from psychological problems in perinatal period has proven to be of key importance for enhancement of their health, development of adequate mother and new-born’s relationship, as well as a more harmonised and functional family life.
Department’s Team Members:
Clin Assis Dr Maja Milosavljevic, PhD, psychiatrist
Assoc Prof Dr Olivera Vukovic, PhD, psychiatrist – consultant
MSc Dr Sanja Nikolic, psychiatrist, family therapist
Dr Jasmina Stojkovic Pavlovic, psychiatrist, group therapist
Ms Snezana Stojanovic, social worker, family consultant
Ms Anka Marjanovic Radonjic, specialist in clinic psychology
Ms Tijana Vranes, psychologist, REBT therapist
Phone: +381 11 33 07 660