Head of Forensic Psychiatry Section: Prim. Dr Slobodan Simić

The Forensic Psychiatry Section is dedicated to forensic psychiatry, a special branch of psychiatry focused on studying and establishing criteria for the assessment of state of mind and capacity of individuals involved in legal proceedings, and exploring and interpreting psychological phenomena and mental disorders for the needs of legal theory and practice.
The Forensic Psychiatry Section conducts the following activities:
– medical-forensic expertise in all fields of IMH activity, in accordance with the Rulebook on forensic expertise method and procedure:
– assessment of the state of mind of persons involved in legal proceedings,
– individual assessment of the state of mind, development and functioning of children, adolescents and adults; assessment of capacity for participation in legal proceedings and expressing authentic opinion in children related to issues addressed in legal proceedings,
– assessment of existence and level of dependence on alcohol and other psychoactive substances in children, adolescents and adults,
– forensic expertise of documents in legal proceedings,
– other assessments of the state of mind of parties involved in legal proceedings, from the domain of activities conducted by the Institute of Mental Health.
– provision of psychotherapeutic health care services to individuals at the suggestion of the Court;
– multidisciplinary training course in the field of forensic psychiatry, and
– multidisciplinary scientific research work in the field of forensic psychiatry.