Head of Unit for Crisis Situations:
Prim. Dr Bogdan Drakulić, Ph.D., Psychiatrist

The Unit for Crisis Situations deals with helping people whose psychological disturbances and disorders can be, in great measure, explained by the influence of adverse life circumstances and trauma. In general, such conditions are described as stress and trauma, crisis, acute and chronic stress disorder, with more severe psychiatric disorders sometimes occuring.

Crisis situations are manifested through disorders of bodily sensations and functions, changes in emotions, behaviour and thinking, as well as distortions in individual’s family, work and social life.

The interested are admitted by the Unit in IMH Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations, room 9, on Mondays from 14:00h to 20:00h, Thursdays and Fridays from 08:00h to 14:00h. A psychologist and a social worker – family therapist are included in the team, in accordance with needs.

The Unit uses the following procedures:
• Assesment of mental state and enviromental circumstances
• Support and counseling
• Information and education
• Use of medication
• Change of inadequate thinking, attitudes and perceptions
• Design of strategies for coping with stress
• Specific treatment of intensive, traumatic stress
• Assesment of outcomes and follow-up