The Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations is a structured service focusing on outpatient psychiatric treatment. The Department provides psychiatric and psychological diagnosis, as well as psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment. Teams of the Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations examine the cases of patients with complex diagnostic and therapeutic problems and participate in the assessment for referral to hospital treatment.

Within the framework of the Department, the following organizational units are operating:
Section for Marriage and Family Therapy,
Section for Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry,
Forensic Psychiatry Section,
Third Age Unit,
Psychotherapy Unit

Head of Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations:
Dr Sanja Nikolić, M.Sc., Psychiatrist

Head Medical Technician of the Department for Specialist-Consultant Examinations:
Zlatko Vujin, Senior Medical Technician

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