Day hospital for for addiction treatment named after Dr. Branko Gačić
Day hospital for addiction treatment in Paunova Street No 2 was named after its recently deceased founder Dr. Branka Gačić, at a special ceremony which took place on October 4th.


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Dr Branko Gačić


– Dr Branko Gačić is one of the greatest figures of our alcohology and founder of the eponymous Belgrade school. In this way, we continue the tradition of the Institute of Mental Health, that departments should be given the names of the dedicated and deserving doctors who worked here – says Dr. Vladan Jugović, Head of the Outpatient Hospital for Addiction Treatment in Paunova Street.

Day hospital for addiction treatment was founded in 1978, and was moved to Paunova Street in 1982. It consists of two parts, one for treating adult alcohol addicts and pathological gamblers, and is used for treatment of young poly-toxicomans aged 12 to 18. A part of the Daily Hospital for Youth was founded in 2003.




Addicts are admitted with family members and undergo a systemic family therapy program prepared for each patient individually.

Day Hospital capacity: 25 patients

Day Hospital for Addiction Treatment (2 Paunova St, Banjica);

Head of Day Hospital:
Dr Vladan Jugović, Psychiatrist

Head Nurse of the Day Hospital:
Milka Kovačević, Senior Nurse