November topics

As part of the activities organized for the Journal club of young physicians all the dates and physicians holding presentations on those dates have been determined.

Dates and physicians holding the presentations for the Journal club for the 2012/2013 school year:

02. October 2012.: dr Milutin Kostić
06. November 2012.: dr Vanja Mandić-Maravić
04. December 2012.: dr Danilo Pešić
15. January 2013.: dr Marija Mitković
19. February 2013.: dr Amir Peljto
05. March 2013.: (Clinic for psychiatry)
02. April 2013.: dr Milica Borovcanin (Kragujevac)
07. May 2013.: dr Ana Munjiza
04. June 2013.: dr Nikola Jovanovic
July/August summer brake;
03. September 2013.: dr Aleksandar Misojcic