Meeting in Bangalore – Doc. dr Olivera Vuković, Dr Nikola Jovanović

3rd Meeting of Principal Investigators of InterPreT-DD study (International Prevalence and Treatment of Diabetes and Depression – the study of comorbid diabetes and depression- an international investigation of clinical manifestations and care pathways) was held from 27th of February to 1st of March 2016. in Bangalore, India. In our country the study is performed in cooperation of The Institute of Mental Health and The Institute of Endocrinology of Clinical Centre of Serbia, under the auspicies of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The head of the reasearch in our country is Academician Dusica Lecic-Tosevski, with Academician Nebojsa Lalic as co-leader of the project. The three day meeting was attended by psychiatrists and endocrynologists from 16 different countries – partners in the study (Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, China, Kenia, Poland, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Germany, Ukraine; Great Britain hosted the secretary role.), within the confines of the Dialogue on Diabetes and Depression, international initiative coordinated by Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes.
The main goal of the meeting was to analyse study results, propose and define a plan for future follow up study and additional activities.
The reasearches showed interest for the additional study proposed and presented by the Serbian Centre.


Back (L to R): Arie Nouwen (UK), Wolfgang Woelwer (Germany), David Basangua (Ukraine), Andzrej Kokoszka (Poland), Alexey Bobrov (Russia), Terry Cimino (USA), Andzrej Kiejna (Poland), and Nikola Jovanovic
Middle (L ro R): Silver Bahendeka (Uganda), C. S. Muralidharakrishna (India), Somruk Suntibenchakul (Thailand), Helal Uddin Ahmed (Bangladesh), Gerhard Heinze (Mexico), Abednego Musau (Kenya), Elena Starostina (Russia), Santosh Chaturvedi (India), Giovani De Girolamo (Italy), Olivera Vukovic (Serbia), and S. S. Srikanta (India)
Front (L to R): Wim Wientjens (The Netherlands), Monica Guinzbourg (Argentina), Marianna Shevchuk (Ukraine), Golam Rabbani (Bangladesh), Norman Sartorius (Switzerland), Cathy Lloyd (U.K.), Cristina Crocamo (Italy), Mingzi Li (China), and Larry Cimino (USA)