March performance of the “Saint Joachim and Ann” choir

As a part of our Wednesday Culture Club (WCC) a performance by the “Saint Joachim and Ann” choir will be held on the 12th of March at 18h on the 4th floor in the gala “red” auditorium. We invite all our in and outpatients, as well as employees of the Institute to come and enjoy in spiritual music.
“Saint Joachim and Ann” choir was established 10 years ago as a part of the church of Saint Petka on the Cukaricka padina. The church was built in October 2004, and it was lustrated by Archbishop of west America Longin, under the blessing of the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Pavle. The church is built in the Serbo-Byzantin style with elements of modern architecture. The church has a mixed choir and spiritual singing is a part of it. A school of spiritual singing is planned. To quote a member of the choir Andreja Otasevic:”Spiritual music is the sound of friendship and love. A melody made up of only several notes can say a million words that anyone can understand in their own way.”
Outpatients are required to leave their health card at the counter and to specify that they are going to the Wednesday Culture Club.
You can find out more about the WCC and this years program at this link.