Singing group „Ogrlica od bisera“ („Pearl necklace“ in serbian) gave a concert as a part of our Wednesday culture club project, on February the 19th 2020.

OGRLICA OD BISERA was founded ten years ago, and they are members of cultural-artistic company Abrašević. The emerged from Djerdan, which was founded and led by distinguished artist Mira Vasiljević, and her daughter, Jasmina Milanović, kept up her work and is now leading the Ogrlica od bisera.

Ogrlica od bisera is cherishing our natinonal treasure and keeping it from being forgotten – traditional music, starogradska pesma (literally “old city music”), russian traditional music, sevdalinka…

The program is performed by more voices and the vocal arrangements were written by the great musicians, master of music Mimi Šistek Đorđević, professor of music Boško Perić,  Mira Vasiljević.

They have given hundreds of concerts in the previous years, both in Serbia and abroad.

The members of Ogrlica od bisera were given multiple awards for their work in the last ten years. The Knight charter from Her Royal Majesty Linda Karađorđević, Commemorative Medal for spreading knighthood in culture in Stojan Čupić Sabor, Serbian Show Business Award, Commemorative Medal of Warriors from 1912-1920. for keeping the fatherland in peace, Blagodarstvenoe pismo from Administration of Leningrad region, Thank you note for the care of elderly, are just some of the many awards given to the grup for their valuable artistic work.  Yet they find the audience which greets their performance with great applause and full halls for their concerts the most awarding.