Institute of Mental Health in collaboration with the Serbian Psychiatric Association is organizing a course on eating disorders for early career psychiatrists and psychologists. The course will be held by Professor Christopher P. Szabo, MD, PhD, DSC (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa). The course will be held at the Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade on 12 February 2019 and will be attended by 80 early career colleagues from all university centres in Serbia. Professor C. P. Szabo, an expert in eating disorders, was promoted a Visiting Professor of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, and the course is a continuation of our collaboration.

Eating disorders are amongst the most common, disabling and lethal of psychiatric disorders, and pose a big problem and resistance for treatment both for mental health professionals and patients. These conditions affect predominantly adolescent and young adult females, but not exclusively so. Whilst stereotypically diagnosed in western, urban societies their emergence in a range of population groups beyond the aforementioned has challenged the stereotype. Awareness of changing risk has been critical in ensuring appropriate diagnosis and management. Although understood to be difficult to treat, where suitably informed and with the necessary skill successful outcomes are possible.

The course will focus on the followingdiagnostic criteria (DSM-5, ICD-11); discussion of selected, pertinent, issues; clinical discussion (young colleagues will present cases from the clinical practice). It is intended to provide participants with a better understanding of the diagnosis of eating disorders, pertinent  selected issues related to eating disorders and clinical approaches.