Charity fundraising art exhibition “Our small contribution to big values”

ORIENT EMPORIUM in cooperation with the Institute of Mental Health and the societies that help persons with disabilities and have mental health problems (MNRO Zvezdara, MNRO Novi Beograd, MNRO Pančevo, Panda Association, The Association of Tenants of the Home for People with Physical disabilities, Dom Sremčica, Ide Association and Talos Association), with support from the shopping moll DELTA CITY and the Milan Petrović Quartet, will organize a charity fundraising art exhibition “Our small contribution to big values”, with the goal to introduce the public with the work of these associations and show us that a small contribution for people with disabilities has great value. By buying the products at the exhibition we help institutions and associations in collecting money for many social activities as well as work and occupational therapy. It also helps integrate people with disabilities, gives them a strong self of acceptance by the society and further motivation towards healing and socializing.
The works exhibited were made in every day work therapy, as part of the creative work shops.

This is the fifth exhibition and we hope to continue the tradition.

The exhibition will be at the Central hall of the Delta City on the 17th and 18th of May from 10-20h. The Milan Petrović Quartet will have a show at the exhibition on Saturday the 17th of May at 18h.