Updated 15.11.2017. Academician Dušica Lečić Toševski was a president of the committee from 2003-2014.godine. Docent dr Milica Pejović Milovančević was a secretary from 2011-2012. For further information about the present members of the committee look at the Ministry of health website.

Committee President:
Prof. Dr Dušica Lečić-Toševski
Prof. Dr Goran Mihajlović
Assist. Dr Milica Pejović-Milovančević
Committee members:
Prof. Dr Nikola Vučković,
Dr. Tatjana Voskresenski, mr. sc. med
Prof. Dr Grozdanko Grbeša,
Prof. Dr Aleksandar Jovanović,
Prim. Dr Aleksandra Milićević-Kalašić,
Prof. Dr Milutin Nenadović,
Prof. Dr Aleksandar Jovanović,
Prim. Dr Aleksandra Milićević-Kalašić,
Dr Jovanka Petrović,
Prim. Dr Željko Rodić,
Dr Albina Stanojević, mr. sc. med
Prof. Dr Branko Ćorić,
Prim. Dr Vojislav Ćurčić
Responsibilities of the Republic Expert Committee are as follows:

– to analyze the existing and propose new solutions in the field of prevention of mental disorders and mental health promotion
– to establish and follow the development of the existing legal framework and procedures for the protection of rights of persons with mental disorders,
– to coordinate and monitor mental health projects at a national level,
– to propose reorganization and rationalization of existing services,
– to participate in the planning of advanced training for mental health professionals and their adjustment to the demands of community mental health care,
– to propose development of standardized procedures – guidelines for good clinical practice in the field of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders,
– to participate in the formation of inter-sectoral boards for the purpose of establishing comprehensive health care and treatment for persons with mental disorders,
– to establish and empower beneficiary associations and family groups,
– to conduct other activities in the field of mental health.