EPA’s 3rd Summer School

Dr Nikola Jovanović received a scholarship for European Psychiatric Associations 3rd Summer School “Comorbidity between mental and physical disorders” which will be held in Strasbourg from the 7th ‘till the 10th of June 2013.

Nikola Jovanović is a psychiatric trainee and is currently studying for his PhD at the School of medicine, University of Belgrade.

EPA Summer School is organized for psychiatrists and medical doctors of other specialties who are currently in training or have finished training no more than two years ago. From all of the submitted applications, only 25 best ones have the possibility of participating.

EPA’s 2nd Summer School

Dr Amir Peljto, resident at the Institute of Mental Health, received a scholarship from the 2nd EPA Summer School, which took place on 5-8 July 2012 in Strasbourg, France. The school was attended by 24 participants from 18 European countries, taking part in the program: “Comorbidity between Mental and Physical Disorders and Disabilities”.