Membership of the Institute of Mental Health at the International College of Person Centered Medicine (ICPCM)

icpcmInstitute of Mental Health (IMH) has become a member of the International College of Person Centered Medicine – ICPCM, and the head of IMH Prof. Dušica Lečić-Toševski has become an honorary member of this prestigious College.

ICPCM is a non-profit, educational and research organization which is focused on person centered medicine. It was established at the Geneva conference in 2008. The goal of the organization is promotion of healthcare, science and humanity in medicine, with the emphasis of refocusing all these on the person as an individual.

Person centered medicine is dedicated to promoting health as a state of physical, mental, socio-cultural and spiritual wellbeing, as well as reduction of diseases. It is based on mutual respect of dignity and responsibility of the individual.

Invitation letter – Zagreb 2013

Geneva Conference on Person-centered Medicine

2013 Geneva Declaration 2013