A lecture about responsible alcohol consumption in Dom Omladine was held as part of the promotion of our first “Guide for responsible drinking”

Dr Ivica Mladenovic has held a lecture on monday (24th november) at the Dom Omladine in Belgrade. The subject was basic tenants of low risk alcohol consumption.

Promoting «low risk alcohol consumption» is already an established practise in many parts of the world. Following the modern trends, a team of specialists from the Institute of Mental health in Belgrade has started a campaign «Responsible drinking in Serbia». One of the most important activities that is a part of this campaign is the «Guide for responsible drinking». Its goal is to introduce the public with the notion of «socialy acceptable drinking». It is supposed to define the quantities and the style of drinking that will not stop the person from enjoying drinking.

All guests of the lecture have been given the Guide as a gift, and were also free to ask any questions about the subject.

– Alcoholism is the most widespread socio-medical illness. Alcohol consumption is the leading cause of death in young people age 15 to 29. – dr Ivica Mladenovic (head of the Addiction Treatment Clinic and editor of the «Guide for responsible drinking»).