Second announcement – VIII FORUM – with international participation – Institute of Mental Health

sat 05.02.2020.

Dear colleagues,   Due to the new measures of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which have entered into force today, concerning the restriction of gatherings to one hundred people, as well as the … More…

„What else does culture mean if it does not trick the finest, the most humble and the most subtle from the rough matter of life, through art and love”

The KKS in the Institute for Mental Health will be a valuable part of the therapeutic process, which, by examining the creativity of others and enjoying it, will intensify the effects of standard work with people with mental disorders - says Svetlana Zdravković, president of the Wednesday Culture Circle, Doctor of Psychology.


3 Milana Kasanina

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2 Paunova

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PR Klin. Asist. dr sci med Vanja Mandic Maravic

The Club rehabilitates patients with chronic psychiatric disorders. The club allows patients to spend at least one part of a day in the sociotherapeutic environment. They should feel that they are not lonely, that they can socialize with a group of people who suffer from the same disorders and are struggling with similar difficulties, as well as themselves.

In the Club, treated alcoholics learn and adopt healthy patterns of behavior in all spheres of social relationships. The specificity of the Club is in that members themselves design, plan and implement all the activities in which they participate. The work of the Club is managed by therapists who attend all club meetings.

The Pasazh's adolescent club is open every first Wednesday in the month from 17 to 20h and is intended for patients who have completed hospital treatment in the Daily Hospital for adolescents. The club works according to the principles of the sociotherapeutic group that partly uses the group analysis technique directed to relational disorders, and partly the technique of expressive therapy.

The third-year cabinet represents the organizational unit of the Department for specialist-consultative examinations of the Clinic for Adults of the Institute for Mental Health. It was established with the goal of diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders of patients over 65 years of age and patients of different age groups who manifest cognitive-mood disorders.